Step 2: Rough Sketches

After we define what is going to be built, we will then do a series of rough sketches, known as schematic designs. On the sketches you will see the general arrangement of rooms. We will explain the ideas if you have difficulties with the sketches.

These sketches are not completed construction documents. They will help you to consider possible approaches.

Do not forget, there are still many more details to be established about your project and that this cost estimate is very general. For example market conditions, the availability of materials, and other unexpected situations that could drive up costs are hard to be predicted.

Step 3: Refining the Design


Our South London based company will show detailed drawings and 3D graphics to illustrate other aspects of the proposed design. Our floor plans will show all the rooms inside with 3D visualization. You also will see the furniture, colors and everything inside rooms.

Based on these drawings, we can give you a more detailed estimate, though final costs will actually depend on market conditions.

Interior 3d design South London, UK

Interior 3d design South London, UK

Step 4: Preparing Construction Documents

This is the time when we prepare construction documents, the detailed drawings and specifications which our build and design company will use to establish actual construction cost and to build the project. The construction documents become part of the contract you will have with Spectra Homes LTD, South London.